02 Oatmeal Exfoliant Bar Moderate Whitening and Exfoliating System


Xổ số miền tây hôm nayFrontrow Soap 02 Oatmeal Exfoliant Bar with Glutathione + Oatmeal + Kojic Acid

Moderate whitening and exfoliating system. Dermatologist tested.

Xổ số miền tây hôm nayMeticulously sprinkled with oatmeal to effectively wash off rough skin and achieve utmost radiance.

Xổ số miền tây hôm nay02 Oatmeal Exfoliant Bar is your second step to the SKIN RENEWAL SYSTEM.

Gently nourish your skin with oatmeal to avoid damaged and inflamed skin.

Xổ số miền tây hôm naySkin soothing agents generously infused in this exfoliant bar will greatly calm one's complexion.

Xổ số miền tây hôm naySkin roughness is a thing of the past!

How to Use Frontrow Soap 02 Oatmeal Exfoliant Bar:

Wet skin, gently massage soap onto the skin, DO NOT RUB, avoid getting into eyes, nose or mouth.

Let it sit for just a few seconds. Then rinse with cold water thoroughly, leaving residue will cause the skin to itch and feeling sore.

Xổ số miền tây hôm nayTo fully benefit from the SKIN RENEWAL SYSTEM, it is recommended that users must initially use 01 for 2 months, then slowly graduating to 02 for a month, then finally 03 the extreme whitening and skin clarifying system.

IMPORTANT: Applying moisturizer with Sunblock is highly recommended.

Frontrow Soap 02 Oatmeal Exfoliant Bar Ingredients:
Oatmeal, Refined Coconut oil, Sodium Palmitate, water, Glutathione Powder, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glycerine, Rosehip Oil, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E, Fragrance

Suggested retail price
₱ 240 per bar

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